#46 Anh Thu “Calimeia” Tran

Anh Thu Tran

About Me

CLASS: Pi Mu | Spring 2011
HOMETOWN: Princeton, NJ
Current Place of Residence: Rosslyn
BIRTHDAY: November 8, 1991
ETHNICITY: Vietnamese
MAJOR: Biology
Higher Level Degrees: Nursing at The George Washington University
occupation: Nurse
BIG: Marice "Aius" Sy
Little: Jina "Curaga" Chong Jeong
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Cuddling with my cat Boo

Personal Statement

I am currently in GWU's Accelerated Nursing program and I love it! My passion is women's reproduce health, fertility and CATS! I enjoy learning and interacting with people and helping them anyway I can, especially those who are disadvantaged.