#97 Pauline “Azahar” Kim

Pauline Kim

About Me

CLASS: Pi Chi | Spring 2016

HOMETOWN: North Wales, Pennsylvania

BIRTHDAY: June 17, 1996

ETHNICITY: Korean American

MAJOR: Hospitality and Event Management

MINOR: Korean Language and Literature


BIG: Kelly "Euphelle" Jiang

LITTLE: Jenny "Amarelle" Qian

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Cooking (the few dishes that I know^^ Kimchi Stew, Korean Seaweed Soup, Short Rib Soup, Army Stew (still mastering^^), Watching Makeup Tutorials, Skincare, Healthy Eating and Lifestyle videos on YouTube, KPop, Hula-Hooping, interior decorating/organization (I like simple designs and soft pastel and neutral colors), Harry Potter, DC Comics/Marvel, cute plushies and designs (Molang, Kiiroitori, Tuxedo Sam, Sushi Plushies), eating yummy food (when I make enough money I want to explore all of DC's best restaurants and eateries with my close friends)

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