#79 Jennifer “Limitless” Kim

Jennifer Kim

About Me

CLASS: Pi Tau | Fall 2014
MAJOR: Information Systems Technology Management
Minor: Journalism and Mass Communication
Higher Level Degrees: Vienna University of Economics and Business + International Business + 2015
occupation: Data Analyst
BIG: Katie "Omnia" Arita-Chang
Little: Nanami "AVALØN" Hirata
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Web design, travel, media, Français, Korean, violin, piano, guitar, singing, soccer, tennis, boxing, fencing, Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity

Personal Statement

I enjoy immersing myself in new cultures and environments. In my spare time, I continue to build my understanding of various technological software, programs and languages. After work hours, you can find me exploring new restaurants and attending music concerts.

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