#98 Robin “Seeker” Rodolfo

About Me

CLASS: Pi Psi | Fall 2016
HOMETOWN: New York City
Current Place of Residence: Washington D.C.
BIRTHDAY: October 7, 1997
ETHNICITY: Filipino American
MAJOR: International Affairs with a dual concentration in Asian Regional Studies and Comparative Political, Economic, and Social Systems
BIG: Paulin "Spellbound" Kim
LITTLE: Bianca "Simayari" Villao; Rachel “Silkaris” Kim
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: karaoke, boba-binge, restaurant somelier
MOTTO: “Stay hungry, stay curious”

Personal Statement

I'm so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community of really RAD and AMAZING sisters!!  Since I'm an only child, I'm going to take full advantage of being a part of this family.