#96 Natalia “Stormborn” Simmons-Thomas

Natalia Simmons-Thomas

About Me

Class: Pi Chi | Spring 2016

Hometown: Windsor, CT

Current Place of Residence: Simsbury, CT

Birthday: June 19, 1997

Ethnicity: African American

Major: International Affairs | Chinese

Year of Graduation: 2019

Big: Clare "Silveray" Lewis

Little: Olivia "Starlord" Zhai

Hobbies/Interests: Rugby, Cosplay, Chinese

Personal Statement

My name is Natalia, I am the spunky, wild and maybe a little crazy scrub of Pi Chi. I'm always ready to talk , hang out , eat food, spend endless hours in the library crying into a textbook , you know usual college activities. I always pretty upbeat and happy , can be a little salty at times but it's not that severe. So since I'm a Chinese major love the Chinese language and culture, always down to practice my language skills. I'm also a huge Cosplay nerd, so if there's a convention I there and dressed up of course. SO yeah that's me in a nutshell.