#92 Nanami “AVALØN” Hirata


About Me

Class: Pi Chi | Spring 2016

Hometown:  Acton, Massachusetts

Current Place of Residence: Washington, DC

Ethnicity: Japanese

Major: International Affairs

Minor: Cross-Cultural Communication

Year of Graduation: 2018

Big: Jennifer "Limitless" Kim

Little: Fanxi "ÉØWYN" Wang

Hobbies/Interests: I love chilling out in my room, watching YouTube, reading books or manga, or just watching my favorite TV shows and movies. I also love painting when I have time, and I enjoy cooking home-cooked meals and eating food.

Personal Statement

I was born in Japan, but moved to Massachusetts when I was two, so I identify as Japanese American. I love learning languages and am currently learning Mandarin Chinese. I like spending time with a close group of friends, having fun, and dancing. I hope to one day travel around the world, especially across Asia.