#49 Helena “Alegría” Wu

About Me

CLASS: Pi Nu | Fall 2011
HOMETOWN: Beijing, China
Current Place of Residence: Falls Church, VA
BIRTHDAY: December 31, 1992
MAJOR: Sociology and International Affairs
occupation: Consultant at IBM
BIG: Xiao Zhou "Régalia" Fan
Little: Bella "LilYeva" Ge and Alexandria "GoldenGoddess" Ashmore
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Yoga (I’m a Corepower yoga sculpt instructor, hit me up if you want to take a class!), traveling , rock climbing, other fitness classes (HIIT, cycling)
MOTTO: Live life with love and happiness 🙂

Personal Statement

"""The unexamined life is not worth living""  - Socrates
I have faced many hardships and those experiences have heavily impacted the way I view life. Life is so fragile and short and I have come to value it so much and live every second to the fullest. Happiness is what I now value most in this world and I do whatever I can to keep life interesting, busy and hella fun :D"