#27 Michelle “Azalie” Horikawa

Michelle Horikawa

About Me

CLASS: Pi Eta Fall 2008
HOMETOWN: Wailuku, Hawaii
Current Place of Residence: Honolulu, Hawaii
BIRTHDAY: June 5, 1987
ETHNICITY: Japanese American
MAJOR: Psychology
BIG: Salin "Abrielle" Vichitlakakran
Little: Christina "Austare" Walters, Marice "Aius" Sy, and Brooke "Amira" Nakatsukasa
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Read and traveling

Personal Statement

Sigma provided a great experience of connecting with inspiring women who are committed to becoming leaders in their professions, communities, and families. It was an honor to be a part of this organization while at GWU and continues to be a wonderful group of women to be a part of now.