Bettina “Santareía” Tamesis #72 || Pi Rho

Bettina F2014Hometown: Manchester, CT

Birthday: August 5, 1994

Ethnicity: Filipino

Major: Biological Anthropology

Year of Graduation: 2016


Big: Ashely “Skyfall” Burchell

Littles: Clare “Silveray” Lewis || Dominique “Syncanta” Eaton

Pokemon: Ninetails ninetails

Hobbies/Interests: Eating everything in sight, then everything else
Drinking tea
Watching YouTube videos
Looking at dead people’s bones (forensic anthropology)
Anthropology, food, tumblr, and sleeping

Personal Statement: I’m an alumnae interested in healthcare, health education, and bones (I majored in bio anth). You’ll find me with a package of Easy Mac at any given time.