Introducing the Prodigious Psi Class!

After a semester of hard work and learning what it means to be a Sigma, we are proud to introduce you to our Fall 2016 Class, The Prodigious Psis! These girls demonstrated great determination, unity, and hard work and we are so happy to see what they will do for the Pi Chapter. Welcome to the SYZterhood!

If you missed their absolutely amazing probate, don’t worry! You can find the video up on our Facebook page!

Congratulations to PE April “Yakuza” Kim and PEA Alexandria “GoldenGoddess” Ashmore!

Find out more about our Prodigious Psis by visiting their profiles:

#98 Robin “Seeker” Rodolfo
Big: Paulin “Spellbound” Kim

#99 Renea “Samaya” Williams
Big: Ashley “Sakarya” DaCosta

#100 Vanessa “Alceralis” Lu
Big: Catherine “Potidaea” Louie

#101 Julia “Astronautica” Lai
Big: Elise “Aquileia” Hogue

#102 Wendy “Arisora” Yang
Big: Elise “Aquileia” Hogue

The Always Aspiring Alpha Alpha Class Has Arrived!

Last Friday, the sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta were proud to reveal our first class for a new generation of sisterhood, the Always Aspiring Alpha Alpha Class! These girls have showed drive, dedication, and heart, and have proved that they have what it takes to represent the Sigma Spirit! Congratulations, girls! We are so proud of you and know you’ll do great things for our chapter!

Also, a big congratulations to Aimee “Anteros” Liang, their Program Educator, and Clare “Silveray” Lewis, their Program Educator Assistant! You have three beautiful new babies!

Find out more about our Always Aspiring Alpha Alpha Class by visiting their profiles:

#103 Mai “Lysithea” Tran
Big: Poonyisa “Halcyon” Tongkhamsai

#104 Fanxi “ÉØWYN” Wang
Big: Nanami “AVALØN” Hirata

#105 Ray “Aeonera” Li
Big: Jacqueline “Harmonia” Shue


Introducing the Transcendent Taus!

We are proud to introduce you to our Fall 2014 Class, The Transcendent Taus. Congratulations to PE Helena “Alegría” Wu and PEA Stacie “Titaneus” Chiang! Welcome to SYZterhood!

#77 Eve “RevolVer” Li
Big: Alexandria “GoldenGoddess” Ashmore

#78 Kelly “Euphelle” Jiang
Big: Jina “Curaga” Chong Jeon

#79 Jennifer “Limitless” Kim
Big: Katie “Omnia” Arita-Chang

#80 Yi “LileX” Gan
Big: Jenny “inXá” Jung

#81 Clare “Silveray” Lewis
Big: Bettina “Santareía” Tamesis

#82 Dominique “Syncanta” Eaton
Big: Bettina “Santareía” Tamesis