#115 Gracey “Skaiwalker” Chung

CLASS: Alpha Gamma | Spring 2018 HOMETOWN: Gwangju, South Korea & Toledo, Ohio CURRENT PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Washington, DC BIRTHDAY: September 14, 1998 ETHNICITY: Korean American MAJOR: International Affairs YEAR OF GRADUATION: 2021 BIG: Priscilla “SABER” Huang HOBBIES/INTERESTS: traveling, shopping, spending time with friends, eating, watching slime videos, visiting new cafes

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#114 Jenny “Amarelle” Qian

CLASS: Alpha Gamma | Spring 2018 HOMETOWN: Saratoga, California CURRENT PLACE OF RESIDENCE: DC BIRTHDAY: March 3, 1999 ETHNICITY: Chinese-American MAJOR:  International Business and Information Systems with a Minor in Korean Language and Literature YEAR OF GRADUATION: 2021 BIG: Pauline “Azahar” Kim HOBBIES/INTERESTS: foodie, basketball, cooking MOTTO: Work hard, play hard

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#112 Devin “Ayliniz” Moeller

CLASS: Alpha Gamma | Spring 2018 HOMETOWN: Point Pleasant, NJ CURRENT PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Washington, D.C. & NJ BIRTHDAY: July 21, 1999 ETHNICITY: Vietnamese American MAJOR: International Affairs and International Economic YEAR OF GRADUATION: 2021 BIG: Varsha “Pursuit” Tse HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Piano, Music, Theater, Food, Friends, Studying Economics MOTTO: Change your attitude, change the game

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