Smiti “Delphi” Nathan #16 || Pi Gamma

Hometown: Waldorf, MD

Birthday: April 27, 1986

Ethnicity: Indian

Major: Archaeology || Anthropology

Minor: Psychology

Year of Graduation: 2008


Big: Gia “Quixotic” Monserrat

Littles: Lisa “anacapri” Tran

Pokemon: Mew mew

Hobbies/Interests: Travelling, soccer, eating, archaeology

Personal Statement: After graduating from GWU, I went off to UCL to purse an MSc and now I am at NYU for my Ph.D in Anthropological Archaeology. Throughout my travels it has always been exciting to meet sisters from my GWU days and those who I never met before in places all around the world. It is so amazing to be part of an organization that fosters sisterhood on a global scale, not only on a social level, but on a philanthropic level as well.