Aneena “Aphyra” Sin #44 || Pi Lambda


Hometown: Lowell, MA

Birthday: October 23, 1992

Ethnicity: Cambodian

Major: Criminal Justice

Year of Graduation: 2014


Big: Christina “Austare” Walters

Littles: Vanessa “Corsolis” Tenazas || Catherine “Potidaea” Louie ||

Stacie “Titaneus” Chiang

Pokemon: Psyduck Psyduck

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy all forms of tumblr-ing and rolling in my emotions due to the sheer amount of fandoms that I am part of. Haha, on a more serious note, I am an extra curricular junkie, which means that I spend like 9413890821 hours in my free time taking care of my student organizations on and off campus. I also enjoy writing and reading literature.

Personal Statement: Sisterhood and family is a big part of what makes me who I am today. If I could inspire a person that has never had interest in Greek life or Sigma in general to have that sense of love and devotion towards something bigger than themselves, I would be the happiest person ever.