Seize that Internship! Spring ’17 Rush

Written by Elise “Aquileia” Hogue

Last night, our chapter held our educational rush event “Seize that Internship.” We had four sisters on the panel (one alumna!), who gave some great advice to both rushees and sisters who attended the event. Our Co-Rush Chair Hanna “AquamarinE” Primana and our Academic Chair Priscilla “SABER” Huang did an excellent job preparing questions and moderating the panel. We heard from our lovely panelists, Poonyisa “Halcyon” Tongkhamsai, Mickey “Sidereal” Xiao, Aimee “Anteros” Liang, and Paulin “Spellbound” Kim.┬áBoth Poonyisa and Mickey are majoring in Finance and International Affairs.

Poonyisa just accepted an offer for a summer internship in NY with a real estate company! Mickey got accepted to London School of Business for a year long grad school program. We’re so proud of both of them! Paulin is currently interning at DVRP, a domestic violence recovery shelter for victims of abuse and where one of our alumna also works! Aimee currently works in a management position at a law firm in the area called Blank Rome. All of our sisters are very qualified in their fields and we were very excited to hear what they had to say.

We received some excellent tips about interview preparation and learned that you should never lean back in your chair during an interview (Thanks Poonyisa!). Sisters on the panel talked about how different GW resourced helped them in their careers and especially how Sigma has helped them. We heard about Pi chapter’s alumni mentorship program, where sisters get paired up with our alumnae sisters who work in the same field as them and they receive advice and guidance. Both Paulin and Hanna talked about how their experience holding positions in Sigma has helped them to procure their current internship positions.

We even had some excellent questions from attendees, including, “How do/did you decide whether or not to wait to go to grad school after graduating?” Answers varied from person to person, but we learned that it’s good to decide what’s most important to you and your needs. Both sisters and rushees went home with more of an idea of what to do with their career than when they walked in. A huge thank you to our panelists, the sisters who organized this event, and those who came out!

Currently we have 3 more rush events for our Spring 2017 Alpha Alpha class rush! Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 1st, we have our second General Interest Meeting (GIM). We are going to be making bento boxes, so be sure to come out. If you are interested in joining our wonderful Pi Chapter here in DC, make sure you don’t miss tomorrow’s event!