In 1999, the sisters of SYZ formally adopted our National Philanthropy, to Combat Violence Against Women. Among the first Asian Interest sororities to take on this very worthwhile cause, SYZ hopes to bring awareness to our universities and communities at large of this issue. Sigma sisters have built a campaign to help those affected by this tragic violence, to educate the community about the nature of this problem, and to empower our sisters to make a lasting commitment to the issue of violence against women.

The National Philanthropy addresses violence against women in its varied forms. This includes, but is not by any means, limited to the following: rape, incest, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, exploitation, the trafficking of women and children, the abuse of migrant workers, intimidation at work, child abuse, harassment, and spousal abuse. Any kind of physical, emotional or mental duress constitutes violence.

Some ways sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta demonstrate their commitment to the National Philanthropy include:

  • Volunteering at domestic violence shelters
  • Volunteering at local womens’ centers
  • Sponsoring or attending conferences and meetings that empower women’s rights
  • Lending support to women that need this specific type support and seek help for them
  • Helping to stop violations against female refugees and asylum-seekers

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