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Q: Why should I join Greek Life?

A: At The George Washington University, there are multiple Greek Councils. The “Inter-Fraternity Council” (IFC) was founded for the purposes of promoting fraternity life and providing a forum for the discussion of issues that affect fraternities and their members.” The Panhellenic Association, or “Panhel”, is the governing board of the National Panhellenic Conference sororities and serves as a vital communication link between the ten Panhellenic chapters on campus. “The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) serves to coordinate the activities of its member chapters, promote involvement in Greek Life, support the development of individual chapters, enhance cultural awareness, and encourage collaboration and communication throughout the Greek community.”

Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. is a part of The Multicultural Greek Council.Greek Life is an excellence way to get involved with student organizations in college. By becoming involved in Greek Life, you join a brotherhood/sisterhood that lasts beyond the four years of college. Greek members strive to enhance educational experience by emphasizing intellectual, interpersonal, and social development. The Greek community is highly involved with philanthropic projects, community service, tradition, career networking, and becoming part of an international organization. In addition, please take note of the eligibility requirements for joining Greek Life.

Q: What makes Sigma different from other sororities?

A: On the surface, we are not unlike other sororities. We have our national philanthropy, our history, our social activities and we give back to the community. However, what sets us apart from any organization is our sisters. Sigma sisters are motivated, determined, strong and independent women. Come out to our events and get to know us !

Q: I am not Asian; can I still join?

A: Of course! We are an Asian-interest but not Asian-exclusive sorority. Sigma is very diverse and within Pi Chapter, we have sisters of German, African-American, Ecuadorian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Cambodian and Burmese backgrounds.

Q: How do I join?

A: Come out to our rush events at the beginning of the semester. It is completely free and NON-BINDING and you’ll get to learn more about our sorority. Also please feel free to email syz.pirush[at] for any questions you might have.

Q: What does pledging consist of?

A: We often equate pledging to taking a 4-credit language class. During the pledging process, pledges will learn about Sigma Psi Zeta’s history, traditions and our sisters. In addition, they will be able to develop their leadership and time management skills.

Q: Does Sigma Psi Zeta haze?

A: We have a strict non-hazing policy. Furthermore, our national philanthropy is combating violence against women and therefore, naturally it would be against our belief to haze.

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